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Academia 2.0.
March 2014, University of Manchester, UK

Social Media for Mobilising, Fundraising and Development
June 2014, Nendo, Nairobi, Kenya

The Future of Social Media for Charities
September 2014, Chartered Institute of Marketing, London

Using social media for self development and research communication
October 2014, University of Sheffield, UK

Social Media Summit Uganda – Keynote Speaker
November 2014, Kampala, Uganda

Rusty Radiator Awards
December 2014, Olso, Norway

The Use of Social Media to Consult and Engage with the Public About Development Policy
June 2015, Department for International Development, London, UK

The Use of Social Media for Research Communication
December 2015, SciDev

Social Media for African Universities
April 2016, Ghana

Photography and Social Impact
October 2016, Nepal

Social Media in the Global South
October 2016, Kathmandu University, Nepal

Improving NGO Communications Using Social Media
Association of INGOS, Kathmandu, Nepal


Celebrity Advocacy, Social Media and Development
February 2013, Huffington Post

What Makes a Video Go Viral? The Success of Mama Hope
March 2013, Huffington Post

Can Ricky Gervais’s Irony Save the World?
March 2013, Huffington Post

Social Media Shows Hope for the Future of Development
May 2013, Knowledge for Health

Communicating Climate Change Through Social Media: The Eldis Experience
June 2013, Eldis

How Can Social Media Change How Development is Done?
May 2013, The Guardian

Global Development Tweeters to Watch in 2014
January 2014, The Guardian

Retelling the Story of Media and Development
April 2014, The Communication Initiative

Understand Social Media: Save the World
May 2014, Pioneers Post

#BringBackOurGirls: Can a Hashtag Impact Social Change?
May 2014, Deseret News National

Q&A on Social Media
June 2014, Research to Action

Social Media Tips and Knowledge from Experts at PAWA 254
June 2014, Nairobi’s Urban Perspective

DOT Uganda Staff Attend the First-Ever Social Media Summit
December 2014, Digital Opportunity Trust

Branding in the Third Sector
January 2015, The Click Scrapbook

Working in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance
February 2015, Maia Gedde

35 resources for nonprofit marketers
March 2015, The Marketing Palette

Inside View: on the road with Voices from the Field
August 2015, WaterAid

Youtube and aid: How NGOs can harness the power of good
ctober 2015, The Guardian
November 2015, Ahora

Radiator Report – The Challenging Single Story
November 2015, SAIH

Which of these Videos is the worst in Charity Advertising?
November 2015, Humanosphere

New Research Seeking to Improve Imagery in NGO Campaigns
October 2017, WhyDEV


What is International Development?

Does Social Media Have the Power to Change the World?

Does Media Matter for International Development?

Seed is Big Business in Development

What is Branding?

What is Blogging?


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