BOOK REVIEW: Visualising Information for Advocacy

From my own experience of managing a range of both personal and corporate social media accounts, a content strategy is essential for creating/building relationships. One of the things that has been blatantly obvious has been that interesting and engaging imagery elicits a high level of sharing. I was thrilled to see a new book “Visualising Information for Advocacy“. The book, or guide as it has been described, has been produced by an organisation called The Tactical Technology Collective who have worked with campaigners and activists across the world over the last 10 years.

The books content is influenced by 50 or more workshops that they have led in recent years. There is a wealth of practical guidance in the book from objective setting and idea generation to visual techniques, storytelling and free visualisation tools. The book is very easy to follow and offers 60 examples of visual information campaigns. I particularly like the section on strategies of intervention – interruption / education / coercion and the section on visual techniques – juxtapose / subvert / invert / materialise / compare / contrast / illuminate / provoke / parody / intrigue. It also features one of my favourite ‘development’ videos ever – Barbie, It’s Over┬áby Greenpeace.

A great guide for anyone interested in advocacy campaigning.


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