Day Four – Living below the line

Today has been the easiest day so far by a long way. No headaches, not feeling so hungry and nearing the end of the five days. Sarah and I have been wheeling and dealing with each other. She doesn’t mind porridge so she’s let me have the beans. Phew. We’ve had to ration the lemon squash.

Sandwiches again for lunch and vegetable curry again for the evening meal. Sarah accidently ate some noodles for her evening meal thinking they were from the £10 weeks shopping. Oh dear, good job this is only a practice run.

I took part in a focus group today where there was “afternoon tea”. There was a choice of delicious cookies like these new baby cookies, scones with cream and jam or muffins. There were 6 people in the session and at least 12 offerings of ‘goodies’. Only two people were tempted and indulged. What a waste of food and money. I’m sure the remaining 10 items went back to the Market Research department and were scoffed down by someone not in need of the calories. Trying to eat on £1 a day makes you appreciate food much more, and certainly makes you aware of waste.

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