Day Three – Living Below the Line

I couldn’t face another day of porridge, so I decided to have a treat – Baked Beans on Toast. It tasted heavenly. I’ve started to savour my food a lot more than I usually do and absolutely nothing goes to waste – that’s for sure. Even though this was value beans on value bread with no margarine it really did feel like a treat.


For lunch I had another treat – Value Tomato Soup. Yummy. In all honestly, I am really enjoying my food a lot more. I’m taking my time to eat as opposed to eating at my desk and not even thinking about it while answering emails. As I said before, nothing is going to waste. My biggest treat was eating the crusts I cut off my daughters ham sandwich. It’s ok, I won’t cheat when it comes to the official challenge in April/May.

Even though I’ve had Vegetable Curry 3 days in a row it does still taste good. What would it taste like though if this was forever. Sarah is really missing her Latte’s in the morning. It’s almost a ritual for her. I’m weirdly missing my Extra Strong Mints. I’ve got into a strange habit of buying Extra Strong Mints every day. But at 65p a pack on campus, there’s no way I can afford these.

I didn’t have a headache today and I’m not as hungry as I was the previous two days. I have however lost 3 llbs in weight. I’m definitely starting to appreciate and value food more. Why oh why did I buy 2 packs of Laughing Cow Cheese for £2. Was it because they were on offer? 12.5p per triangle. Wow. Actually this is the same price as an egg – an unethical egg at that. If you want a free range egg that’s going to cost you 25p. A quarter of your budget.

Uh oh. I’m running out of lemon squash…

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