How to prepare and recover from disasters – British Red Cross

Welcome to Disaster Island is a wonderful interactive stop motion film which highlights the dangers that individuals and communities encounter if they are not properly prepared for the consequences of disasters. The viewer has three scenarios to choose from:

1. Farm on a fertile hillside
2. Find your fortune in city
3. Go fishing on the tranquil coast.

With each scenario you are presented with a different disaster.

This animation really is quite beautiful and what makes it even more special is that it was created by a 14 year old schoolboy, Morgan Spence in his bedroom. There are 10 elements to the film in total and if you add up the views after 11 days it comes to over 50,000. Likes and shares dwindle as you get into the subsequent elements of the film, so I’m not sure about levels of engagement. But saying that, it is one of the most inventive forms of ‘video’ I have seen in a long time from a non-profit organisation and I am sure it will help engage with a young audience.¬†Terrific stuff!

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