International Development Videos 2014

I hereby start a list of good, bad, interesting, innovative and indifferent International Development videos for 2014. I’ll let you decide which category they fall in. Let me know your thoughts.

SOS Norway – Would you give your jacket to Johannes?

Omaze – Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

British Red Cross – Welcome to Disaster Island

Oxfam – Lift Lives for Good

UNICEF India – Take the Poo to the Loo

Bill Gates Viral Video 

SolarAid – Bring Me Sunshine

Survival International – There You Go

Vlog4Good – The Internet isn’t just for cats

Save the Children – How to help Gaza’s Children

Amnesty International – No Foul Play Brazil

Greenpeace – Lego is NOT Awesome

Global Commission on Drug Policy – The War on Drugo


UN Women

Action contre la Faim – One Bullet

Plan International – 12 Year Old Wedding

Save The Children – Superhereos

39 Cents – Saturday Night Live

Doctors Without Borders – The Boy Who Tricked Ebola

Oxfam – Raising Voices

UNICEF – A Vaccine for Violence

Oxfam – GoPro

UNICEF – ODESZA’s Sun Models

Save The Children – Harry Enfield Spoof

UNICEF – The Video Game That Caused a Walkout

Clinic Craft – A Minecraft Epic for Save the Children

Sponsor A Wealthy Child – Zachary’s Story




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