Day One – Living below the line

I came across the Live Below the Line website when I was researching for the #IF campaign and thought it was an interesting concept for both fundraising and awareness raising. In some ways it is similar to the PlumpyNut challenge which I have seen promoted a lot more on social media.

The ‘Challenge’ started in 2009 when two friends living together, both with a passion for poverty alleviation, came up with the idea and in 2012 the campaign raised over £500,000. The idea is that for 5 days you can spend no more than £1 a day on food on drink. This year the challenge takes place from 29th April to 3rd May 2103. The website outlines how the challenge works.

My wife and I have decided to take the challenge in April/May, when I will also write a blog from a social media promotion point of view. For now though, we thought we would have a practice run so that we can complete the challenge successfully in a few weeks time.

We didn’t really plan our shopping very well. So bascially went for quite a simple menu of

Porridge with Jam for Breakfast
Cream cheese sandwiches for lunch
Large vegetable curry with rice for dinner


So off I went to Sainsburys (probably my first mistake) with my £10 in hand and my 6 year old daughter (maybe another mistake haha).

The shopping list consisted of

Medium Loaf 0.80
3 x Tomato Soup 0.72
Baked Beans 0.28
Tomato Soup 0.24
Fruit Jam 0.29
Pasta Sauce 0.44
Sweet Potato 0.59
2 x Cheese Spread 2.00
Onion 0.14
Mushrooms 1.00
Pasta Shapes 0.39
Potatoes 1.31
Carrots 0.43
Orange Squash 0.29
Lemon Squash 0.29
Porridge Oats 0.60
TOTAL 9.97

I’ll tell you how we got on during our first day tomorrow….