WaterAid – Using video to engage with supporters

On Sunday 16th February it will be the Brighton Half Marathon (BHM) and many people will be running on behalf of charities. WaterAid have created a simple but very effective short video to send with an accompanying email to the 250 supporters running for their cause.

The film was shot in 45 minutes during a lunch break with the help of two staff, Tadg O’Keeffe, Film Producer and Lauren Scarlett, Events Fundraising Officer. It featured Becky Donnelly (a WaterAid staff member who is running the BHM) and staff from their communities and events team Tom Benn, Lucy Cover, Connie Potter, Emma Blake, Hannah Whitcombe and Kirstie Davidson.


Tadg O’Keeffe commented “We wanted to make a fun, personal, and engaging film to encourage all the Brighton Half Marathon 2014 runners who are supporting WaterAid. If this film makes people smile and feel good about supporting WaterAid then we’ve definitely succeeded, particularly considering the terrible weather conditions they’ve been training in. Becky, who works for WaterAid and will be running in the event on Sunday was the perfect person to be the star of this film – I think she really adds the personal touch – and the events team that pop up later in the film show the enthusiasm we have for our supporters’ efforts. I wanted to create an image of the runner being surrounded by the support and encouragement of the WaterAid team – I think the film’s thumbnail illustrates this well.

We want everyone who has been training in the wind and the rain to feel appreciated and thanked for raising so much money for WaterAid. This film aims to be a fun, personal way to incorporate some peer-to-peer encouragement; something I’ll be developing in the future.”

For anyone who’d like to see more of WaterAid’s films, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/WaterAid