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I just spotted a tweet from the Tearfund earlier today – “We’ve created #Nudge, our new campaigning app. Learn the issues, get the facts, change the world bit.ly/VKeGCc“. Sounded intriguing so I clicked the link which took me to the page below


This page told me nothing whatsoever! Is this deliberate? Continuing the suspense of how I can change the world with an app.

The description within the App Store didn’t tell me a lot more


I really must have this App now as it’s going to Save the World. In reality I’d have given up at this stage and not bothered downloading the app, but I have a blog to write so I need to download it now.

Ok, so I’ve downloaded and basically I can choose to support the 2 campaigns they currently have. The first “issue” is to ‘Ask UK Govt to lead in Europe’. The App is quite neat if I decide to support the campaign. It basically takes me to a standard email which I can edit if I want and then gets sent to the appropriate email address in Parliament. The design is clean and navigation is clear. The next step takes me to a screen where I can easily share with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Why not LinkedIn too?


So far 1220 people have supported the campaign for Europe. The other campaign which asks you to support the #IF campaign only has 46 ‘supports’ so far. Maybe it’s early days in the campaign? The App doesn’t tell you when a campaign started.

I’m not a huge fan of Apps, so maybe I’m not the best person to critique Tearfund’s new campaign ‘tool’. It’s certainly simple to use. But why oh why don’t the web page and the App description in the App store tell you more information about the purpose of this App. Is it clever or lazy communication?

I’m guessing this App cost in the region of £10,000 – £20,000 to produce. More if you include the admin cost of staff at Tearfund. I hope it’s a success, but I fear it’s just a novelty and very much doubt it will change the world.





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