UNICEF the most social UK charity

A 60 page report from Visceral Business was released earlier this summer revealing which charities in the UK are most successful in Social Media. Their 2012 Charity Social 100 Index includes many organisations which work in developing countries.

With other pieces of research into social media it is not 100% sure how they came to their conclusions, however there is a great deal of information in the report that is useful. Unsurpisingly Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are the most popular social media tools used by charities. These are followed by Flickr, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter. ways to cut down business cost I was surprised that only a few organisations use Slideshare as it is a fantastic tool for sharing information.

The management of social media is still mixed with a variety of roles responsible across charities including social media managers, the digital team, marketing team and other various departments.

I won’t go into too much detail here as you can download the  2012 Charity Social 100 Index for FREE. It’s an interesting read.