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I set up this blog in Novemeber 2012. I have worked in marketing and communications in the public and non-profit sector for around 20 years. Recently, I have gained a lot of experience in digital and social media marketing with several successful campaigns under my belt. I love the immediacy of social media and I love how creatively people use it.

I’m relatively new to the world of international development and am collating articles, case studies, musings, blogs, etc about the role of social media in the global south. I have been fascinated, moved, and amazed at how people have utilized social media tools for harmful comments and also to affect change in their communities. This is happening all over the world. With 6 billion mobile accounts, many of them with internet access, the world will witness more change in the future.

I am also intrigued by NGOs who use social media creatively. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Save the Children’s First Ever Non-Stop Global Tweet Chat and I followed the Kony 2012 campaign with great interest

So in a way this blog will be used as my research tool in a way. I will share stories about how social media is being used in developing countries and hope that people send me more examples. I also hope that my next post will be more thought out haha. Like I said I love the immediacy of social media and needed to post something in a short amount of time.

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